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taste for the unordinary, craving the vicarious

1/3 wittiness, 3/5 dorkiness, and a whole lotta sarcasm

16 May
This journal is where I come to unload, to think, to vent, to everything.
If you don't like what you're reading then do yourself the favor of deleting me off your list so you don't waste your time.


We are always changing.
The world is always evolving.
And my whirling dervish never stops spinning.

I'm a daughter, a friend, a sister, a lover, a writer, a painter, a fighter.
But do not underestimate me.

I haven't been on this world very long and I don't intend on leaving it anytime soon.
I have a love of life and a niche for laughter at the smallest things.
I'm a passionate person, with a spit-fire nature.
I'm nowhere close to perfect.
I try getting the most enjoyment I can out of the little moments.

I never want to look back on life and say I didn't take a chance.
I don't fear pain. It will always be apart of life.

I can promise that there is only one of me in this world and whether you like having me around or not, my whirlwind never stops spinning.